Ryan Hillier




Forming a keen connection with music from his early upbringing on his home province of PEI, Ryan Hillier began his songwriting & performing career at fabled Moncton venue, Plan b Lounge. First billed as an opener for Tim Hus in 2010, his airy, high & lonesome folk style garnered him the attention and praise of the bar’s patrons, becoming a regular fixture on the show calendar throughout the following years. 

 Soft-spoken, hard-working, passionate about the craft and community, Hillier has earned the respect - and turned the ears - of musical peers throughout the Atlantic provinces and across Canada. After establishing himself with two self-produced albums (2014's Midnight Revelationand 2016's In the Shadow of the Chapel-nominated for Music New Brunswick's Solo Recording of the YearAward), extensive performing throughout the Maritimes and expanding horizons with various projects including the award-winning internationally-recognizedEastcoast Love Story

Hillier is currently at work recording a new full-length album for release in spring 2019.





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